Home sleep test is done at home. The device collects snoring, nasal airflow, blood oxygen saturation, pulse and respiratory effort during sleep. You do not have to sleep in the hospital or sleep center to have your sleep test. The device is very easy to use.

Why do your HST with us?

HST is practical: you do not need a doctor’s order. We will mail you the device and instructions on how to use it or you can stop by our office and pick up the device. One of our experienced team will explain the test and show you how to use the device.

HST is : a sleep test can now be done in the convenience of your own bed and in the privacy of your own home.

HST is affordable: the cost of HST is much less than the traditional sleep study that is done in a hospital or a sleep center. The maximum you will pay is $49 so why pay thousands of dollars!

HST is reputable: one of our Board Certified Sleep Medicine doctors will provide thorough medical report with treatment recommendations.

If you have sleep apnea and need a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine we will also provide you with the CPAP machine and all the supplies you need for very competitive prices.


Order Your Home Sleep Test

We want you to be treated and save you time and money. The cost to have a HST is only $49.00!

To order your HST please call:   (865) 392-1414