Simple, the HST equipment is very easy to use.

Affordable, the cost of HST is only $49!

Fast, the results of HST will be available within 24-48 hours.

Enforced, we use the most up to date monitoring systems where we have compliance data of CPAP usage anytime!

The SAFE package includes:

  1. Home Sleep Test including shipping and handling
  2. Interpretation of the HST by Board Certified Sleep doctor
  3. Top of the line Auto-CPAP machine
  4. Top of the line CPAP mask (patient’s preference)
  5. Telemedicine support for one full year
  6. Compliance monitoring for one full year

Complete SAFE package cost is $999 if the driver has sleep apnea.


Are you willing to pay $2.73 per day for only one year to stay SAFE and live longer?

Sleep testing and sleep apnea treatment for truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and bus drivers is one of our main focuses. We strive to keep our roads safe.

Sleep Study for Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical and Commercial Driver License (CDL) renewal does not have to be a hassle. The driver should not lose time and money to have a sleep study in the hospital or a sleep center when the test can be done on the go.

We provide Home Sleep Test (HST), diagnosis, treatment and compliance monitoring of sleep apnea with CPAP for truck drivers and trucking companies, heavy equipment operators and bus drivers. Our program is accepted by Department of Transportation (DOT) clinics for your CDL and DOT physical.

We are an American company located in the heart of Knoxville, TN! If the patient lives in Knoxville area, or is driving through, our services can be provided in our office or we will come to your truck stop!

To order your Home Sleep Test call:   865-392-1414